Connecting Your World to the "Internet of Things"

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Connecting Your World to the "Internet of Things"

What We Do

The "internet of things" has arrived and its changing the way people and businesses engage with the world around them.

We are the SIGFOX "internet of things" network operator in Ireland. Our SIGFOX network will allow nationwide low power connectivity to the internet in Ireland for the first time.

SIGFOX's ultra narrow band technology is allowing millions of devices to connect to the internet where long distance, low battery life and low cost are necessities.

Our open sourced but completely secure & encrypted "ultra-narrow band" SIGFOX network radically redefines internet connectivity.

The solutions impact every industry by providing an entirely new disruptive cost structure; devices have battery lives of years and annual connectivity costs are a fraction of other technologies.

Solutions are "plug & play" connecting to the network straight 'out of the box'. No need for sim cards or pairing with the network. Simply turn the devices on and send & recieve data for years. The simplicity and cost structure of the technology is allowing businesses and people to collect valuable data about their operations with minimal human interaction.

Our narrow band network will see 1 million devices connected in Ireland by 2017 across logistics, healthcare, industry, agriculture, construction, automotive, manufacturing, consumer electronics, intelligent buildings and emergency services.

Impossible data made possible.

Our Network Partners


SIGFOX's ultra narrow band technology allows devices to send data to the internet over long distances, with low power consumption (300 times less), at a fraction of the cost of traditional networks.


2RN (A wholly owned subsidiary of RTE) is a communication network operator in Ireland, with a substantial portfolio of developed sites and in house engineering, planning, construction resources and capabilities. 2rn distributes and transmits the programme services of RTE Radio and Television, TV3, TG4, and Today FM.

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The SIGFOX network is fully operational in France, Spain (Abertis) & The Netherlands (Aerea). The network is currently being rolled out in UK (Arqiva), Portugal (NarrowNet), Belgium (Engie) & Czech Republic (T-Mobile).

Where can this technology be utilized?

There will be 50 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020. The IoT era will create a new €14 trillion dollar market over the coming years.

Every sector is seeing benefits with the 'internet of things', data allows for more efficient operations, increased engagement with services and entirely new areas of revenue. Is your business ready to grow?

VT Networks is here to help.

88% of logistics companies said they want greater visibility and insight into their service. IOT allows data in new areas of logistics: Real time data on the location, quality of shipment, temperature, stoppages and delays provides invaluable information to logistics companies and their clients. The Silver Economy is booming. People aged 65+ will increase from 7% to 12% by 2030. This sector demands Smart Healthcare products that change peoples lives in a positive way. #htmlcaption 'European Union mandates that 100% of European households have Smart Metering capabilities by 2022'. World population is expected to grow by 2 billion before 2050. IOT helps operational efficiency, drives productivity, and makes sustainability synonymous with profit.

The disruptive benefits of SIGFOX technology has seen a rapid growth across the world and is the adopted IoT protocol for giants such as SAMSUNG, TELEFONICA, SK TELECOM and NTT DoCoMo.

Your devices, our network, global solutions.

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